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Calcined Zinc Oxide Products for Ceramics

Calcined zinc oxide is an important ceramic chemical solvent raw material because of its large specificity and good fluidity.

Zinc oxide for ceramics is an important ceramic chemical solvent raw material. It is used in large quantities in building ceramic wall and floor tile glazes and low-temperature enamel glazes. It is also widely used in artistic glazes. In the ceramic industry, zinc oxide is widely used in brick glazes and semi-transparent glazes of stoneware, as well as transparent coarse glazes or cooked glazes for craft tableware.

        Zinc oxide has a strong fluxing effect in the glaze, which can reduce the expansion coefficient of the glaze, improve the thermal stability of the product, increase the gloss and whiteness of the glaze surface, improve the strength of the glaze, and increase the melting range while increasing The brilliance of the glaze!

1. Improve hardness

Pottery professionals know that high-quality ceramics must have a certain level of resistance to external influences, commonly referred to as hardness. Traditional ceramics are very sensitive. Due to the optimization of the manufacturing process, the addition of zinc oxide to the ceramics has increased the hardness by nearly three times compared to the original. Such ceramics with a certain hardness are more popular in the market.

2. Increase brightness

Color and clarity are the main factors in accurately measuring ceramic goods. In the stage of handmade pottery, people tried many ways to improve the color of the finished pottery, but the effect was not great. After that, by adding zinc oxide, the high smoothness of finished ceramics is greatly improved, and the appreciation space of ceramics is increased.

3. Adjust the color

Bright colors are another obvious basic feature of pottery products. A good piece of ceramics will definitely bring you colorful enjoyment in terms of appearance. In order to have bright and uniform ceramic products, zinc oxide additives are indispensable in production and processing, which is another major update of ceramic products in recent years.

Calcined Zinc Oxide Products for Ceramics Brands