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Calcined Zinc Oxide Products for Plastics

Calcined zinc oxide is a commonly used functional filler with various applications in plastic products.

Calcined zinc oxide is a commonly used functional filler with various applications in plastic products. The following is the relevant content of calcined zinc oxide in plastic products:

Enhance the mechanical properties of plastics: Calcined zinc oxide can be added to plastics as a reinforcing agent to improve their mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, hardness and wear resistance. This makes plastic products stronger and more durable.

Anti-ultraviolet properties: Calcined zinc oxide has good anti-ultraviolet properties, which can effectively prevent color change, aging and deterioration of plastic products when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it is often used as a UV absorber to protect plastic products from UV radiation damage.

Antibacterial performance: Calcined zinc oxide has strong antibacterial performance, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms. This makes it widely used in some plastic products that require antibacterial properties, such as food packaging, medical devices and daily necessities.

Thermal stability: Calcined zinc oxide can improve the thermal stability of plastics, enabling them to maintain good performance in high temperature environments. This makes it used in some plastic products that require high temperature resistance, such as auto parts, electronic equipment casings, etc.

Electrical conductivity: Calcined zinc oxide is a semiconductor material with good electrical conductivity. Therefore, it is often added to plastics to improve the electrical conductivity of plastic products, such as static dissipation and lightning protection.

It should be noted that when using calcined zinc oxide, a reasonable proportion and processing method should be selected according to specific plastic products and requirements to ensure that the desired effect is achieved. In addition, for some specific applications, it may be necessary to consider the impact of calcined zinc oxide on the appearance, transparency and cost of plastic products.

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