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Calcined zinc oxide for industrial use

Calcined zinc oxide has a relatively large specific gravity and good fluidity, and the glaze produced by it has small shrinkage, and the glaze surface is not prone to pinholes and cracks.

1. As a flux: When ZnO is used as a flux in low-temperature frit glaze, the general dosage is between 5% and 10%, and the dosage in low-temperature raw glaze is generally about 5%.

2. Used as an opacifying agent: Adding zinc oxide to glazes with high Al₂O₃ content can improve the opacity of the glaze. Because ZNO can form zinc spinel crystals with Al₂O₃. In zinc-containing opaque glazes, Al₂O₃ can improve the whiteness and opacity of the glaze. SiO₂ can improve the gloss of the glaze.

3. Used as a crystallization agent: ZnO is an indispensable crystallization agent in the art glaze crystallization glaze. When the molten glaze is cooled rapidly, it will form a large crystal pattern, which is very beautiful. In the crystal glaze, the dosage of ZnO is as high as 20-30%.

4. Used to make cobalt sky blue glaze: ZnO is a very important flux in cobalt sky blue glaze, which can make cobalt oxide form a beautiful sky blue in the glaze.

5. Used as a ceramic pigment: Due to its strong fluxing effect, ZnO can be used as a fluxing agent, a mineralizer and a color carrier of glazes for ceramic pigments. As the main raw material in the series of brown ceramic pigments

6. Used as a glass additive: the transparency of zinc oxide added with aluminum, gallium and nitrogen can reach 90%, and it can be used as a glass coating to allow visible light to pass through and reflect infrared rays at the same time. Coatings can be applied to the inside or outside of window glass for thermal or thermal insulation.

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